We have assessed your case and extend you the following explanations. 

1. You are a Cuban citizen resident in the Federal Republic of Germany with residence abroad (PRE). Being holder of that migratory category gives you the option of keeping intact their rights and personal property like any other Cuban citizen.  You does not apply the law 989/1961, which provides confiscation de3 come them and peresonales of Cuban citizens who went to the outside and made negative return values. 

Is to say that, while you live the the RFA with this immigration category, may defend their personal property law, regardless of their gender and value; and that the Cuban authorities in general - migration of internal order, civil, institutional - know.

2. The Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, in its chapter No. 7, referred to the rights, duties and fundamental guarantees, its article 56 refers to. The domicile is inviolable. No one can penetrate the outside against the will of the inhabitant. Except in the cases provided for by law. To this we must add the confiscation of goods applies ppor authorities, responding to serious legal grounds and by the competent bodies.

3. with regard to the houses that are part of the personal property, the owner may notify the situation to Privincial Directorate of the House. If illegal residents refused to leave the property within a period of 6 months then housing could aid the PNR to dislodge them. In this case, would be the person to which Ud granted him the power of attorney.

I enclose a web site where you can see normative regulations relate to the topic in question..



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