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Hello, many greetings to all...   I tried to use your e.mail ofidip-bonn@botschaf  unsuccessfully and why I now use this another alternative Fax: (0228) 309244...
 Subject: Vandalism

The last weekend  and whit  reasons of my intention to take  vacations in the country, I speak´telefonicamente with Sr.Rodolfo Creach (legal guardian of my stuff))  I received the news that my family with the help of a lawyer, threats and verbal offenses and amazed have missed you "my house"; claiming that I was a German citizen and had renounced the Cuban citizenship and therefore the “power of Attorney“  that I had given him, had no validity and a lawyer who is also presented to the saying that she had official information that supported it. With this my family have been shared "my house" each of which a piece to your free albeldrio.  The Sr.Creach is a friend and neighbour of parenting who have given him a Power Legal envelope... on my property, documents, goods and everything out or have a relationship with me.  All this whit  a state notary  officine in Santiago de Cuba. He told me that I recall the property because my eldest son and other Familys  threatened him with physical aggression. . I would like to say that none of these people have never lived in that House (House of my family) and that also the eldest son is "inmate" from age 13 to date (35) has received several sentences of deprivation of liberty for different offences; which although not be kid with me me avergueza.

I need to solve this unpleasant situation; first Although obviously has no basis; I am concerned about the case that "a lawyer of the State" manifest has official information that I am citizen Aleman and I am not a Cuban citizen!

In this House I live since the mid-1950s with my father and my brothers, and there are my instruments, my photos, my Diplomas, documents, library (for my father) my muebles(anos_40-50) anyway... all.

Waiting for your cooperation and response, hasta la vista!