15 de Agosto del 2006

For all the people who are in my home without my permission.  I have received news that you have occupied my home using false information or fantasy and invention that I am not a Cuban citizen and the document that I leave does not have any validity. In addition to that also have a lawyer who represents them and gave them the right to occupy my house because I'm not a Cuban citizen and the document that I leave has no value.

I want to let them know that take the hereditary rights on their own invalidates them as direct heirs (if you have a professional serving them the should inform them that lie if such information would you without the right automatically); I'm sorry but it's not my fault so is the law. Also Deputy sent the copy of my incredible Cuban passport that shows the lie and the violation which you have incurred and his lawyer to try to rob me of my house.

I don't know how this professional laws incurs such violation (because lawyers have no right to inheritance or property; so are the courts who will also verified this information) if there are no benefits or interests of means; where was that that I am not a Cuban citizen and why not verify it.

I give them the opportunity to leave my house and without any suspicion against Mr. Rodolfo Creach immediately because he does what I East you and not because he wants to; In addition the has a special power to represent my interests in the country because unfortunately he confided that in you who are my family. Also want to be as quickly as possible (one week) otherwise bears this to the courts and I assure you it will not be good for you or your lawyer. You can ask your professional Attorney that helped them in the attempt through its representation (lawyer) State.


If your intention was not to steal my thing, if it was a confusion, if there was a bad information OK... here sent the copy of my Cuban passport and everything is cleared up... Otherwise you take this to the courts and they remain deprived by acting in bad faith ' and seize without legal reason none of what they would be as direct heirs.

As well as everything is clarified I want everyone out of my house

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