written  25.06.2012


Mr. Raúl Castro Ruz President of Cuba


KnowIng that you will not accepted (and no President) a couple of unscrupulous used the Cuban State, its laws and institutions to hide and justify their misdeeds without caring the results for the Cuban Government.


I am under an obligation as a citizen of Cuba inform the facts that these nationals have committed with me. Causing me loss of my family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, my coworkers, of studies and even still I live they have allowed vandalism of my property (2 houses), property and real estate, inheritance and have destroyed my moral citizen. 


These reported in my work that I was dead and causing me to inherit while I live and even four people changed their surnames for mine to participate in the cast.


They Told my family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances, etc. told them that I had "left the country" that I wasn't more Cuban citizen and had lost all rights.


Here in abroad is an enigma, what have said; bicose that people they spoke with me long hours every day via Skype or phone, colegas musics, artists and all those who have something to do with Cuba, shun me as a very bad thing! Some people told me that if I claimed taken back me Cuban citizenship and you lose everything…I have 6 years watching in silence as I steal denigrated disregarding none of the Cuban State's laws as one with others are hiding and and supported by its shabbiness.


As already I can't wait but I use this medium to try to make him come to you. What have hidden you for 6 years to the nation and I do publicly for "involved" have no possibility of converting this into a political case.



Bien Claro:


I am denouncing "criminals and accomplices" that used with impunity without you knowing the name and resources of the Cuban State as a shield for their misdeeds.