In the month of September will be made in Cuba a census of population and dwellings and there is a communication from the Cuban state .

All those who have properties in Cuba must inform the Embassy or Cuban Consulate of the country where you are properties owns and left someone in his charge or liability. 

I sent my letter:  Read here

I l lernead
 of this "official information of the Cuban State" by the mouth of a German in a bar (I was surprised) and knowing that this census can make owners and showing that with "the help of the Minit" have me evicted and stolen everything. I decidet to send you parner President and the National Assembly, as highly members of the Minit (according to say the same "illegal residents" Of my home and his accomplices) I have createt problems, telling lies, that until today are just that "slander" and as accomplices to justify these missdeeds have manipulatet and ignored all my complaints in violation of the laws of the Cuban State.

All this and more this duly informed, denounced and made known to the Cuban State since 2006       

I denounce this publicly for three fundamental reasons (3)

01. - If do not report them lost houses, properties, moral citizen and all, It would also be a "silent accomplice" of those who denigrate the Cuban State with their acts.

02. - If not denounced them these fascinerosos will have increasingly more strength, more treachery and grow as a "parallel government".... Dominating the country unter the table

03. - If not the denounced never enteraria Ud. of facts, that "I promise" has no conocimiento and those who do not receive benefit one.

These "people" have already demolished my housw and have built "a new" in its place. People who don´t have ord had (honest) work and any addition was in prison....

From where came money, authority and resources to all the work of demolition and construction in approximately 3 months.

Look at the photos and compare